February 15th, 2016

«It all began in 2015, when I was on a tour through Google’s Start-up lab in Tel Aviv. Some of the world’s most talented and highly-educated individuals were playfully engaging with each other, creating the next big technology. The open space of the famous Google office gave lots of room for distraction, yet people were constantly interacting, crafting ideas and coming up with solutions. I guess that is when I had my „aha-moment“.

What hit me most was the „realness“. Their interaction seemed genuine, fun and relaxed while giving people space to be exactly who they were. Of course this freedom was a thoughtfully planned structure based on years ofexperience and knowledge, but it seemed to work marvelously. After this, it never felt right to come back to my normal office life again.»

This inspiration, combined with years of working in conference industry brought BizzGrid to life: a dedicated space and a tool for professionals of the digital age who truly have something to say. Now BizzGrid is finally ready to change networking forever.

So… why?

Right now the majority of events, just like the entire conference industry, are old-school and rigid. Organisers produce mass agendas and sell these via pushy telesales reps. What counts is the number of attendees and the fact that the event was delivered. Attendees are just digits in the system. No one takes the user’s perspective into account. Thus, events become impersonal and less relevant, leading to low engagement and interaction.

Our mission is to give the professionals customized solutions, so they can reach a new level of business efficiency through their networking:

  • We focus on the user-experience and what each individual can gain from our events.
  • We keep up with digital trends and technology to give our users a better experience or create more useful content and personalize it.
  • We market our events personally. And while the numbers do matter, we want to grow from quality based on trust.
  • We are flexible. We don’t see an event as a fixed structure, but more like a flexible space that can be adjust to the user’s needs and preferences.

and…how it works?

«Imagine LinkedIn meets Ted Talks. BizzGrid is an interactive digital platform combined with inspirational live meetings of specific formats. Users can influence and co-create content via their interactive agenda that serves as a tool for interaction and value creation.»

We work with professionals of the digital age who are aspiring personal and professional growth.

This means we engage with fast growing industries related to digital evolution with professionals whose excellence is defined by their knowledge and willingness to share it.

So if you have something to say, are willing to grow your network, keep up with trends and be a part of lively interaction around big topics and specific solutions, you are very welcome to join the grid.

BizzGrid. Events made by you!