GDPR of Everything

Second annual Privacy and Data Protection Industry Talk  specially designed for CISO's, DPO's and Privacy Leads. 

By now any data driven organisation needs to have a clear adapt-or-die GDPR strategy, tested and verified. You’ve surely been pushing your GDPR related projects, but how far did you get? So we are offering a practical case-based approach to reviewing the GDPR market results. 

While everyone's still talking about what GDPR is, we are gathering the privacy and security peers of Scandinavia to see what has been done so far and what is left to be accomplished.

Points to be learned

  1. Security Based Business Planning
  2. Privacy and Security in the Age of Machine Learning
  3. Data Flows and Secured Data Exchange
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8:00 - 8:15

Registration and Coffee

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Opening Remarks by the Chairman

Researcher, consultant and government advisor focused on privacy and public policy, and the founder of the Internet of Things Privacy Forum. Gilad is focused on privacy by design, national policy, digital identity and the interplay between governments, commercial markets and standards.

Dr. Gilad L.	Rosner

Dr. Gilad L. Rosner

UK Cabinet Office, Privacy & Consumer Advocacy Group Member
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This up-to-date session will give a practical example of how the EU Data Protection alters the status quo and identifies practical steps banks are taking now for compliance success under the new EU status quo for privacy in financial sector of Sweden. 

Maria Holmström Mellberg

Maria Holmström Mellberg

Nordea Group Driver Privacy (EU GDPR Compliance risk)
Anders Sandell

Anders Sandell

Nordea Head of Group Information Security Policy Governance and Adoption
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This regulatory panel examines the current status of the “One Stop Shop” and analyzes the emerging structure of shared regulatory authority among the national data protection authorities and European Data Protection Board. 

It will present scenarios that international companies face in doing business in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, raising and settling the disputes. 

Elisabeth Jilderyd

Elisabeth Jilderyd

The Swedish Data Protection Authority Legal Adviser, International affairs
Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad

Norwegian Consumer Council. EU co-chair of TACD Infosoc Committee Head of the Digital and Energy Policy Section
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"Privacy by Design” has become a buzzword yet many new technologies and business processes are still designed without our privacy in mind. This session will  showcase exactly why and how this can be done. 

Springworks and Telia Company will in this case demonstrate a legal, technological and DevOps collaboration within IoT/M2M to define, select and extract personal data. See what it takes to develop a consumer oriented privacy by design and by default based solution that ensures that security requirements are met and that users are in control of their data from a technical perspective.

Nicklas Fernström

Nicklas Fernström

SpringWorks Security Lead
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10:00 - 10:30

Coffee Break and Networking Zones

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Methods of privacy protection that were developed years or even decades ago no longer translate well in the age of big data. This is because these older methods either aren’t strong enough at scale or require a degradation of the quality of the data itself, making it less valuable.

Fortunately, new and complementary tools and methods of privacy protection make it possible to simultaneously protect data privacy and accuracy in order to leverage the value of big data in healthcare, banking and other privacy-sensitive data domains also comply with European and international laws

Mads Becker

Mads Becker

Ericsson Cyber Security & Blockchain Evangelist
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This ICS/SCADA system live demo hack will demonstrate how a skilled hacker on-stage retrieve easy to find information and then attacks the system.

During the presentation, you will learn some simple (but highly effective) ways to "ruin the hacker's day" and protect your company - even if your budget is tight.

Mikael 	Vingaard

Mikael Vingaard

IT at Energinet Preparedness coordinator
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COMMUNICATING THE INCIDENT: How best to share and protect information

This session details successful strategies for addressing public, customer, shareholder, regulatory and litigation risks when communicating during data breach and other incident responses. We will look at use of privilege, transparency, dispute prevention, defense strategy, and changes in remediation approaches.

Anastasia Lodhi

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12:30- 13:30

Lunch and Networking Zones

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Storage and processing of a dataset, including metadata and temporary caches, may be distributed across different equipment in one or more data centers. Data and processing operations are often replicated to multiple locations within and across data centres. Thus, data movements are often frequent, multi-point and/or multi-stage.

Data are accessible remotely via Internet or private network without physical access to storage equipment; conversely, data may be physically moved to a third country without anyone in that country having access to intelligible data, if, for example, it’s been encrypted beforehand.

Eva Jarbekk

Eva Jarbekk

Føyen Torkildsen Head of ICT Media Team
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14:00 - 14:30


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Secure Data Exchange and Data Flows Solutions

To achieve a better balance between data protection and international commercial/social data flows, we don’t need to restrict physical data location: we need better, more technologically-neutral rules regarding security, transparency and accountability that properly recognize the role that code, not just law, can play in protecting personal data. 

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15:30 -15:50


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A unique networking and gastronomic experience guided by a Michelin star chef and performed by you together with your peers . Top quality time filled with informal yet structured networking on the subjects brought up during the conference. 

Those of you familiar with BizzGrid's networking debate dinners will definitely recognize personal and professional value of connecting through gastronomy - this time with a touch of "Masterchef" experience.


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