GDPR for the CISO – is it a Friend or Foe?

Coming into force on 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) constitutes a new Europe wide law in terms of the protection of personal and sensitive personal data. Any data driven organisation needs an adapt-or-die GDPR approach in order to survive and thrive.

Join us for discussions and strategic insight into how the security and data protection chiefs can practically sustain the challenge to improve fraud detection and compliance reporting, harness fraud measuring and analytics tools, and get an integrated view of customers.

Throughout the evening we will benchmark the GDPR status quo across various data driven sectors of Sweden and explore how to identify the challenges that come with data protection regulations.

You will be mixing business with pleasure – the serious business of fine dining together with the pleasure of connecting with senior-level peers.

Points to be learned

  1. Security of data processing standards
  2. Real challenges of protecting data
  3. Current status quo of GDPR alert in Sweden
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GDPR Dinner Debate:

The evening will be moderated by Per Thorsheim, a security evangelist and internationally recognized public speaker on security & privacy. He is currently involved in a EU project to improve the security of email, not only within the EU but on a global basis. A project that in every way is directly connected to GDPR.

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Champagne reception and mingle

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Introduction of the dinner guests

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Opening by the moderator

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Named Challenges of Protecting Data.

Starter Debate #1: Hacking attacks against organisations, their results and increase in cybercrime, APT, hacktivism, hijacking, ransomware, and many other buzzwords...How does a CISO sleep at night? By encrypting it all!

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Trust but Verify.

Main Debate #2 Compliance doesn't necessarily equal SECURE. Compliance is very often considered as "bare minimum", a practical comparison of Norwegian Digipost vs Danish "e-Boks" will give you a few hints on the difference.

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Data-centric security.

Dessert Debate #3: Digital transformation and outsourcing challenges: audit & control, legislation, social & cultural differences and how they affect security by making data safe in any environment.

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Summary and Digestive.

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Open networking